Louisiana Meat Goat Association


2018 & 2019 Validations

 Validations are good for one calendar year so all the goats currently on the validation lists for 2018 will need to be revalidated to be eligible to receive LA bred awards in 2019. We will start accepting 2019 validations and membership applications on October 1, 2018. Remember that the Breeder's membership must be current for 2019 for an initial validation on a goat. The 2019 membership application, tag request form and validation certificates will be posted soon. 

LA Bred Tags


LA Bred tags will not be issued between December 15 and February 15 with the exception of current members picking up tags at the State Livestock show after the finish of the goat show.



In an effort to clear up misconceptions and incorrect assumptions and to prevent member and exhibitor problems, the board has developed the following list of frequently asked questions. If you have other questions, please feel free to ask a board member. 

1. Where does the Louisiana Bred prize money, awards and premiums come from?

The LMGA provides all funds for the prize money, awards and premiums for LA Bred goats at the LSU state show, the Louisiana State Fair, the Southern University Livestock Show and LMGA shows. The LMGA raises funds through membership, tag sales, sponsorships and events. 

2. Why can’t the Louisiana Bred status be determined strictly from the registration papers of the goat? 

The name of the breeder of a goat on the registration papers may indicate that the breeder is a resident of the state of Louisiana. However, that does not mean that the goat was actually bred, born or raised in Louisiana. With today’s technology and ease of transportation, it would be easy to breed the doe in another state. The offspring from out of state breeding would still have the name and address of the Louisiana resident, but would not meet the bred, born and raised requirements to be deemed certified Louisiana Bred. Also commercial does and market wethers do not have registration papers. Therefore all Louisiana bred goats must be tagged in the ear or meet the ADGA Dairy goat/pygmy validation requirements in order to be considered to win Louisiana bred awards, premiums or prizes.  

3. Do you have to be an LMGA member to show Louisiana Bred goats? 

No.  An exhibitor can participate in and win awards, premiums and prizes in the entire LSU livestock program (parish, district, and state) without having to be a member of the LMGA. Only breeders who wish to purchase LA bred tags must be LMGA members. 

4. Why do you have to be an LMGA member to buy Louisiana Bred tags? 

Only LMGA members can purchase LA Bred tags to certify goats as Louisiana Bred. LMGA has been given authority to oversee and manage the Certified Louisiana Bred program for all goats in Louisiana. Members agree to abide by the rules and ethics of the LMGA and the Louisiana Bred Program. Membership provides a means for the LMGA to track all tags. The funds from memberships and tags go directly back to paying for prizes, awards and premiums. 

5. Why does LMGA have authority over Louisiana Bred Dairy goats? 

The LMGA has been given authority by the Louisiana Bred Program to oversee the LA bred program for all goats in the state of Louisiana. 

6. Why doesn’t the LMGA provide for district awards? 

The LMGA budget does not allow for district awards. There are several districts and each district has each goat division. The cost for all of these awards is prohibitive. The LMGA provides prizes, awards, and premiums for the LSU State Show, the Louisiana State Fair, Southern University Livestock show, and LMGA Shows. 

7. Compare Louisiana Bred policies for goats to Louisiana Bred policies for other species. 

The LA Pork Producers, Louisiana Sheep producers, and Louisiana Cattlemen’s Association all require membership by Louisiana breeders in order to nominate animals for Louisiana Bred. Each species has a charge for each nomination. The Louisiana Bred Goat program was modeled after these other programs. 

8. What awards does LMGA pay for?

Cash prizes, buckles and banners at LSU state show, Louisiana State Fair, Southern University Livestock show and LMGA shows. 

9. What do I do if my goat loses its tag? 

You can purchase a replacement tag. If it is an ADGA Dairy goat/pygmy it will need to go through the validation process again.

10. Why do ADGA Dairy breeds and pygmies have to be validated?

If the tag is permanently attached to the ear, they do not have to be validated. If the owner/exhibitor/breeder chooses not to permanently tag then the validation process is necessary to permanently record the correct tag number to a correct goat. 

11. Can I tag my dairy goat or pygmy instead of validating it?


12.  Where can I find the LSU state show rules?

The LSU catalog is found online at lsuagcenter.com. The LA Bred rules are found in Appendix 2 of the catalog.

13. If I have a question about LMGA or the LA Bred program, who do I contact?

Please contact any board member for assistance. Their contact information can be found on the LMGA website, lameatgoat.net or the Louisiana Meat Goat Association Facebook page.

14. If I have a Louisiana bred issue or problem at a show, who do I contact? 

The LMGA is the final authority on all LA Bred rules. Please contact any board member for assistance. 

15.  Do goats that are tagged or designated as Louisiana Bred have to be born in Louisiana?

YES! Goats must be bred, conceived, born and raised in Louisiana by a member of the LMGA in order to be eligible for the Louisiana Bred program certification. 

16. Describe the history and purpose of the LMGA. 

The Louisiana Meat Goat Association charter is dated March 29, 1995. Original charter members where: 

Allen Cunningham

Charles P. Cruce

Arlen Guillory 

William A. Moncrief

Nolan D. Simon

Frank Millican

Wibert Guillory 

The primary purpose was to “promote and encourage the Meat Goat industry in the State of Louisiana. More precise purposes may be declared in the by-laws” This has since been changed to “promote and encourage the goat industry throughout the state of Louisiana.”

This was a time when goat production agriculture was just beginning in the United States. When goats first began to be shown in Livestock shows only wether goats were shown in 4H /FFA shows for several years.

Since that time the LMGA has changed and grown as the goat industry has grown. As the industry grew, so did the 4H/FFA shows and they began breeding classes of meat and dairy goats. The LMGA has worked to provide LA Bred prizes, awards and premiums for all classes and breeds of goats. 

17. Does the LMGA provide awards, premiums and prizes for all breeds and classes of Louisiana Bred Goats? 

YES! LMGA is the authorized organization for the LA Bred program for all goat breeds. 

18. Can any breed be certified LA Bred? 

Yes. Any breed and any goat that is bred, conceived, born and raised in Louisiana by a current LMGA member in good standing can be certified LA Bred. 

19.  Do Dairy and Pygmy goats have to be re-validated every year?

Yes. A Validation Certificate is valid for one calendar year (January-December). All goats currently on a validation list will need to be revalidated to be eligible to receive LA Bred awards for the following year. Validations and Re-validations for a following year will start being accepted October 1 of the current year. If you are validating a goat that was validated the previous year the breeder’s information must be on the Validation Certificate but the breeder’s signature is not required.