Louisiana Meat Goat Association

Minutes from LMGA Meetings


Member Meeting
November 11, 2018
Denham Springs


LMGA Minutes

November 17, 2018

Denham Springs

Meeting called to order at 10:14 am

Board members present: Mike Tynes, Micky Latiolais, Kelli Kennedy, Sue Latiolais, Chenee Roheim, Angela Manning, Kevin Manning, Kurt Cazayoux

Members present: Sarah Allen, Farrah Ayo, Kevin Causey, Renee Cazayoux, Allen Cunningham, Gino Martin, Mike Mitchell, Angela Pregeant, Robert Richard, Mary Richard, David Tucker, Bridget Tucker

Election of 2019/2020 Board Members: Kevin Manning, Kurt Cazayoux, David Tucker, Gino Martin

Financial Report. Kelli Kennedy moved to approve.  Chenee Roheim second. Motion passed.

Old Business:

2018 State Fair: Mike Tynes reported no major problems or complaints

Website update: Kelli Kennedy reported that the website is up and running and will be 

updated with more information.

Validation: Requiring registration papers and listing validated goats on Facebook page is  successful. A member stated that her validated goats were removed from the  

validation list causing her to revalidate her goats. (Upon researching it was discovered that she had been mistaken.)

New Business:

Putting on a show: Types of shows, times and locations were discussed. Tabled pending more information on location availability and cost. 

2019 LSU State Show: Everything is on track with the awards. It was decided to keep the check-in table for Validated Dairy and Pygmy.

It was discussed to go to tags with the number printed on only one side to prevent people from using the tags on 2 different goats.

Kelli Kennedy moved to adjourn, Micky Latiolais second. Motion passed. 

Executive Session:

2019 Officers

President: Mike Tynes

Vice President: Micky Latiolais

Secretary: Kelli Kennedy

Treasurer: Brittany Scarabin

Reporter: Kelli Kennedy

LA Bred Representative: Chenee Roheim

Discussion of Validating Myotonics. Tabled pending discussion with LSU.

Kelli Kennedy moved to raise shipping fees by $1 due to rising postage costs. Angela Manning second. Motion passed. 

Micky Latiolais moved to adjourn. Mike Tynes second. Executive session adjourned.