Supreme Champion Scholarship Fund Program

The Supreme Champion Scholarship Fund was established to award the Supreme Champion breeding goat at the LSU State Livestock Show. The program was implemented in the summer of 2008 to award a Supreme Champion in 2009 and consecutive years. The scholarship is awarded to the Supreme Champion chosen from the Grand Champions of all breeding goat classifications. There is a Supreme Champion LA Bred chosen as well. The Supreme Champions are awarded a $1000 scholarship for continuing education. The Louisiana Meat Goat Association is a co-sponsor for the scholarship and has also pledged an additional $500 for the LA Bred champion on top of the $1000. Additionally we will award a $500 scholarship for each champion at the state fair. The LMGA is also a co-sponsor of the scholarship and will provide $250 for the LA Bred Champion.

In previous years the Grand Champions were rewarded with a rosette only. This scholarship is designed to give additional incentives to the breeding goat show participants. We are currently soliciting funds to keep this program going. We have established a trust to oversee the collection and distribution of the funds for this program. We have received approval from LSU to present this award at the state livestock show. .
Thank you,

Cliff Hebert

Supreme Champion Scholarship Fund Chairman

10526 George Allen Lane

Welsh, LA 70591


Lauren James

2010 Supreme Champion LA Bred


Overall Supreme Champion

$2500 scholarship winner