Louisiana Meat Goat Association

These by-laws are made pursuant to the articles of incorporation of this organization signed March 29 1995 and recorded with the Louisiana Secretary of State. They set forth general policies under which the organization is operated, except that any policy shall be considered void if it violates the Articles of Incorporation or the laws of Louisiana.
The name of the association shall be the Louisiana Meat Goat Association.

The association shall exist for the mutual benefits of its members, and shall have as its primary purpose to promote and develop the meat goat industry in the State of Louisiana. Furthermore, the association will provide opportunities for its members to network and communicate to indentify and address local industry development needs.
The association shall have the following specific purposes:
a. To promote genetic improvement in meat goats b. Offer opportunities for the purchase of high quality breeding stock through association sanctioned sales and shows. c. To encourage the development of production standards of quality for the association and encourage similar standards of quality for the industry d. To promote the Agri-forestry concept and other grazing techniques that are environmentally responsible. e. To establish association marketing strategies for live animals, carcass and specialty products which will benefit the producer and consumer f. Identify and develop long-term meat goat markets at home and abroad including established ethnic consumer groups g. Develop and implement domestic consumer marketing plan which appeals to the health conscious group h. To promote professionalism in the marketing of meat goats
i. To develop and information education program that will keep members and potential members informed and educated regarding production and marketing issues
j. To promote meat goat farming as a viable source of long-term and stable Agri-forestry income to land users k. Support youth programs and establish meat goats as a recognized class in 4-H and FFA livestock shows l. Develop an information education program that will inform and educate consumers of the benefits of goat products, to help improve consumer demand and change negative perceptions of goats m. Identify and recommend research and development needs that will improve production and growth challenges common to Louisiana n. To cooperate with the Louisiana Department of Ag & Forestry, LSU Agricultural Center, Southern University College of Agriculture and Home Economics of Southern University Cooperation Extension Program, Heifer Project International, LSU School of Veterinary Medicine, LSU Cooperative Extension Service(Amended 1998), American Meat Goat Association, USDA, Forest Service, Agriculture Marketing Service, Rural Business and Cooperative Development Service, and other USDA agencies as needed, private landowners, and other groups in conducting production, marketing, information and education, and research programs to enhance the meat goat industry.
Section 1- Membership Request:
Persons desiring membership must fill out an application and submit it for approval by the Board of Directors. A person of legal voting age may not be considered for individual membership.
Section 2- Membership Options:
Membership may be listed under an individual’s name.
Membership may be listed under a family or farm name with each recognized members name included.
Section 3- Active Members:
Any person who is a producer, buyer or consumer of meat goats or any other person desiring active membership may apply for membership. Active members shall be required to pay dues and have one vote each. Active members will receive copies of all association generated notices, minutes and newsletters when such items are printed, or have access to said items when they are posted on the LMGA website(Amended 2010).
Section 3- Associate Members:
Persons who have rendered distinctive service or who have a civic interest in the association, may on recommendation of the Board of Directors, be elected associate members. They shall not be required to pay dues, nor be allowed to vote, but shall enjoy all other privileges of active members.
Section 4- Cancellation or Refusal of Membership: (Amended 2010)
The Board of Directors may, by majority vote, cancel the membership of any member and refuse membership to any person when the welfare of the association justifies such action. A person whose membership is cancelled or refused may register a written appeal to the President for a vote by the Board of Directors. To be considered by the Board of Directors, such appeals must be registered at least 30 days prior to a meeting of the Board of Directors and a copy of the appeal will be forwarded by the President to each Board Member 15 days prior to said meeting. The appeal can be approved only by a majority vote of the Board Members present at the meeting. Membership will be automatically voided by any criminal conviction which constitutes an illegal practice associated with meat goat processing, production or marketing. However, if the conviction is a misdemeanor, membership will not be automatically be cancelled unless the offense is one demonstrating moral turpitude.
Section 5- Dues
Annual dues shall be set by the Board of Directors and shall be payable after the Fall Meeting of each year for the next years dues. Failure to pay dues by the 15 of February will result in a $5.00 administrative fee. Dues for new members are payable upon application and will be valid only through the end of December in the year in which they are paid.
Section 6- Rights of Membership(revised 2010)
1) A member shall be allowed one(1) vote on matters requiring such action. 2) A membership listed with multiple names under a family or farm name shall be allowed one(1) vote, and the person casting the vote must be of legal voting age. 3) LMGA members can purchase LA Bred tags. 4) Members have the option to consign goats to an association sale upon approval by the Board of Directors.
Section 1- Frequency
An annual meeting shall be held each fall as provided in the Articles of Incorporation. Other meetings may be held at the discretion of the Board of Directors or the general membership at a time a place designated by the Board of Directors. Special meetings shall be called by the President upon written petition of not less than twenty(20) percent of the active membership, or whenever, in the opinion of the President, there is business which should be brought before the membership for action prior to the next regular meeting.
Section 2- Notice
The Secretary/Treasurer shall notify the membership at least 15 days prior to a general membership meeting or 30 days prior to any special meeting. The notification shall state the date, time and location of the meeting. The place and time of each meeting shall be coordinated by the President.
Section 3- Meeting Content
Any business which may properly come before the association membership may be discussed and acted upon at the Fall meeting. Only the business which has been announced by the agenda may be discussed or acted upon at special or regular meetings.
Section 4- Order of Business
The order of business and all parliamentary procedure at any meeting shall be in accordance with Robert’s Rules of Order.
Board of Directors
Section 1- General
The association shall be governed by a Board of Directors consisting of nine(9) Directors. The term of duty shall be no less than two years and eligible for re-election. The terms of the Directors will be staggered with five(5) Directors selected in even numbered years and four(4) directors selected in odd numbered years.
Any active association member in good standing can be eligible to be a Director after one(1) year of membership.
Section 2- Election(Amended 2012)
Starting 90 days before the fall meeting, anyone wishing to run for a Board of Directors position, must submit so, in writing to the President or Secretary/Treasurer no later than 30 days before the fall meeting.
If there are more than the minimum number of nominations required, election shall be by select ballot conducted by the Secretary/Treasurer and delivered to the current Board of Directors for counting. The candidates receiving a simple majority of the votes cast shall be declared elected. The elected board shall assume office on January 1.
Any vacancy on the Board of Directors due to death, resignation, disability or disqualification as a member, shall be filled by a majority vote of the remaining Board of Directors to fill the unexpired term.
Section 3- Duties and Authority
The Board of Directors shall have the authority to administer and manage the affairs in the association(subject to the Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws), conduct investigations, serve as consultants, advisors or reviewers to the President for the administration of the association’s business and communications.
Section 4- Board of Directors Meetings
There shall be quarterly meetings of the Board of Directors at a time and place determined by the Board itself. Two-thirds of the Board must normally be present for a quorum to exist; however, if the Board decides to do so, it may conduct any business by a telephone poll of its Directors. The Board of Directors shall be, whenever possible, notified by telephone or in writing at least five(5) days prior to a Board of Directors meeting.
Section 1- Selection
The Board of Directors shall select a President, Vice-President, Secretary/Treasurer and Reporter(Amended 2012). These officers may come from within the ranks of the Board. Any active association member in good standing will be eligible to hold an office after one(1) year of membership.(Amended 2010).
Section 2- Duties
It shall be the duty of the President to preside at the meetings of the organization and the Board of Directors and to perform such other duties as ordinarily pertains to this office.
It shall be the duty of the Vice-President to preside at the meetings of the organization and the Board of Directors in the absence of the President and to perform such other duties as ordinarily pertains to this office.
It shall be the duty of the Secretary/Treasurer to have custody of all funds, keep records of all receipts and disbursements, account for expenditures and income to the membership, and generally perform those duties customarily associated with the position. All checks issued shall have the signature of at least two of the following people: President, Vice-President, or Secretary/Treasurer. When replaced, the treasurer shall turn over all funds, books of accounts, and all association papers and property in his or her possession, either to the new Secretary/Treasurer or the President. The President of the association may have the Secretary/Treasurer’s books audited by a committee composed of three members appointed by the President.
The Reporter position will have the duties; To keep all records of all meetings and membership rolls, maintain a file of correspondence, committee reports and any records of historical value and send out notice of meetings and newsletters.
Section 3-Term
Officers will ordinarily serve for two(2) years.
Section 4- Technical Advisors
In addition to the officers, the Board of Directors may appoint technical advisors to assist the association. They will serve until replaced by the Board of Directors or the membership.
LA Bred Program
Section 1- Purpose
As an association, the LMGA is to promote the LA Bred Program to further the participation in the association and open up better avenues for its members to market their animals.
Section 2- Guidelines
The LMGA shall implement and govern a set of rules for the LA Bred Program
Rules and Regulations: Code of Ethics
The Board shall adopt and enforce Rules and Regulations and a Code of Ethics which shall apply to all Members. The Rules and Regulations and Code of Ethics shall contain such penalties and sanctions as the Board may from time to time deem appropriate to address violations of such Rules and Regulations and Code of Ethics.
The Bylaws may be amended, repealed or changed at any meeting by a simple majority vote of the active members present and voting. However, any amendments to the Articles of Incorporation may be only made with the notice provided in the Articles of Incorporation. All amendments to the Articles of Incorporation or Bylaws will become effective immediately upon meeting the requirements of passage unless specified otherwise. These Bylaws were adopted by the membership at its initial meeting held on August 19, 1995 at LSU-A. 

LMGA LA Bred Rules
1. Animals must be conceived, born, and raised in LA
2. The breeder must be a paid member of the LMGA, registered on the breeders list, and pay $15 per LA Bred tag. The LA Bred numbers will be assigned to the breeder and cannot be sold to or used by another breeder unless authorized by the Board of Directors
3. It is the breeder's responsibility to see that the tag is in the left ear of the goat..
4. In addition to ear tagging, commercial does must be tattooed with COM in the left ear and DOE in the right ear. These are the only tattoos allowed in a commercial does ears.
Starting January 1, 2017 ADGA sanctioned breeds (Nubian, Saanen, Alpine, Toggenburg, LaMancha, Nigerian Swarf, Oberhasli, and Sable) and Pygmies will have the option of attaching the LA Bred Tag to the ear or attaching the LA Bred tag to the collar/chain/lead.
If the LA Bred tag is not attached to the ear then the following rules and regulations must be followed:
1. ALL dairy and pygmy goats must be validated to qualify for LA Bred awards, premiums and prizes. The breeder must be a current LMGA member and purchase LA Bred tags from the LMGA. The breeder must fill out a Validation Form which is to be signed by the breeder and exhibitor. The breeder records the tag number on the validation form that corresponds with the goat and will give the tag and the validation form to the exhibitor. The LA Bred tag number must also be recorded on the original registration paper (this can either be documented through the registering association or written on the papers in ink). The exhibitor must turn the completed validation form in to the LMGA secretary no later than 30 days following the possession deadlines set forth by the association/organization putting on the show.
2. At the LA State Fair and the LSU State Livestock Show ALL dairy breeds and pygmies will be required to be checked in. The LA Bred tag number, the registration paper and the goat's tattoos will be verified to make sure they all match the validation form.
3. For a goat to qualify for LA Bred awards, premiums and prizes when in the show ring the LA Bred tag must be attached to the collar/chain/lead of the goat. Only the tag that corresponds with that goat will be allowed on the collar/chain/lead.
Failure to comply with these rules and procedures will result in a loss of all LA Bred awards, premiums and prizes.
If the breeder/exhibitor chooses to attach the LA Bred tag to the ear then the validation and check-in process is not required. 

LMGA Show Rules and Regulations
The LMGA will recognize the following classes at its shows: Full blood doe, Full blood buck, Percentage doe, Commercial doe, AOB doe, AOB buck, Market doe, Market wether.
1. Commercial does will be classified according to teeth. Doelings-baby teeth only. Yearlings-two to four permanent teeth. Aged- six permanent teeth or more. 2. Wethers must have horns tipped back to one(1) inch 3. Health papers are required 4. Wethers must be slick sheared to 1/8 inch 5. Wethers will be shown by weight 6. ABGA rules will apply 7. If you want to file a protest you must pay a $50.00 fee to any board member or officer no longer than 30 minutes after completion of the show. Money may not be refundable. 8. Market Doe Rules: 1. Market does can show with horns but they must be tipped 2. Market does must be slick sheared 3. There will be no minimum or maximum weight 4. There will be no more than nine(9) classes with three(3) divisions 5. Will be open to all does of any breed
LMGA General Rules and Regulations
1. Any member with a grievance must file a formal written complaint with the President or Vice President and pay a $100 fee. It will be the board discretion to refund the fee depending on if the grievance is found valid. 2. At the discretion of the board disciplinary actions may be taken 3. All fees and fines owed by any member must be paid before membership will be renewed 4. Disorderly conduct will not be tolerated. The offender will be asked to leave, promptly 5. The Board of Directors has the right to take disciplinary action against any Member or Board Member for misconduct. Misconduct means and includes one or more of the following acts by a member or board member.(1) making any misrepresentation or committing fraud under any
rule or regulation of the LMGA pertaining to the breeding, showing, or selling of LA Bred goats and including the paperwork submitted for such LA Bred goats. (2) violating any of the Bylaws of the LMGA
Specifically, but without limiting the foregoing, no person shall:
a. Furnish false information to the LMGA b. Bribe or attempt to bribe any LMGA representative, LMGA show judge or LMGA official c. Conspire, contribute, or cooperate with another person or persons to violate LMGA rule d. With respect to exhibitor conduct, fail to treat judges and show officials with courtesy and respect e. Engage in any form of cruel or inhumane treatment of goats f. Direct any abusive, threatening or obscene conduct toward any judges, show officials, LMGA members, or LMGA Board Members
Actions that can be taken by the Board of Directors:
The Board of Directors by two thirds vote of the entire Board of Directors, may issue written warnings, impose suspension of membership and tag buying privileges, cancel memberships, or remove directors from office. The board also has the right to impose fines for any violations of the Code of Ethics, Bylaws, Rules and Regulations, LA Bred Rules and Regulations, or Show Rules.
The LMGA Code of Ethics
The Louisiana Meat Goat Association(LMGA), its board of directors, and its members are committed to conduct ourselves in a manner that:
Does no discriminate on the basis of age, gender, religion, race or disability
Holds to the values of integrity, respect, and accountability Maintain
a high level of ethical behavior
Strive to promote the goat industry as a whole in Louisiana
Educate non members on the benefits of the association
By the authority given to them in the Bylaws, the Board of Directors of the LMGA may enforce this code of ethics as provided for in the rules and regulations, or by written letter of reprimand, which may or may not be available to the general membership by a two thirds vote of the entire board of directors, excluding any board member accused of violating this code of ethics.