Louisiana Bred Nominations

LMGA LA Bred Rules
1. Animals must be conceived, born, and raised in LA
2. The breeder must be a paid member of the LMGA, registered on the breeders list, and pay $15 per LA Bred tag. The LA Bred numbers will be assigned to the breeder and cannot be sold to or used by another breeder unless authorized by the Board of Directors
3. It is the breeder's responsibility to see that the tag is in the left ear of the goat..
4. In addition to ear tagging, commercial does must be tattooed with COM in the left ear and DOE in the right ear. These are the only tattoos allowed in a commercial does ears.

Starting January 1, 2017 ADGA sanctioned breeds (Nubian, Saanen, Alpine, Toggenburg, LaMancha, Nigerian Swarf, Oberhasli, and Sable) and Pygmies will have the option of attaching the LA Bred Tag to the ear or attaching the LA Bred tag to the collar/chain/lead.
If the LA Bred tag is not attached to the ear then the following rules and regulations must be followed:
1. ALL dairy and pygmy goats must be validated to qualify for LA Bred awards, premiums and prizes. The breeder must be a current LMGA member and purchase LA Bred tags from the LMGA. The breeder must fill out a Validation Form which is to be signed by the breeder and exhibitor. The breeder records the tag number on the validation form that corresponds with the goat and will give the tag and the validation form to the exhibitor. The LA Bred tag number must also be recorded on the original registration paper (this can either be documented through the registering association or written on the papers in ink). The exhibitor must turn the completed validation form in to the LMGA secretary no later than 30 days following the possession deadlines set forth by the association/organization putting on the show.
2. At the LA State Fair and the LSU State Livestock Show ALL dairy breeds and pygmies will be required to be checked in. The LA Bred tag number, the registration paper and the goat�s tattoos will be verified to make sure they all match the validation form.
3. For a goat to qualify for LA Bred awards, premiums and prizes when in the show ring the LA Bred tag must be attached to the collar/chain/lead of the goat. Only the tag that corresponds with that goat will be allowed on the collar/chain/lead.
Failure to comply with these rules and procedures will result in a loss of all LA Bred awards, premiums and prizes.
If the breeder/exhibitor chooses to attach the LA Bred tag to the ear then the validation and


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