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November 12, 2011

Fall General Membership Meeting Minutes:
Meeting was called to order by vice president Roddy Poole at 6:50 pm.

Roll call was taken. Present were board members, Parson Belgard, Jimmy Weems, Rickey Hendrix,
Roddy Poole, Cliff Hebert, Donna Heinrich, Tiersa Hebert, Andre Delcambre, Morris Helmer, and Chris
Tauzin. President, Mike Tynes, was absent. Members, Scott Heinrich, Janelle Hennigan, Susan Hendrix,
Rhonda Poole, Kathy Helmer, Melinda Tauzin, and the Odom family were present.

Cliff Hebert gave the financial report and LA Bred reports. Finances were slightly ahead of last years
pace and tags sales were also up considerably over the past several years. Chris Tauzin made a motion
to accept the reports, and Andre Delcambre seconded the motion. All were in favor.

There was no new business.

Under old business:

Parson Belgard reported on the Jr. shows sponsored by the LMGA in the northern part of the state and
he felt they a reached some new families with there efforts.

Chris Tauzin expressed interest in having a meeting after the livestock shows in March to make plans for
the upcoming year.

Morris Helmer expressed his concerns at the number of pygmy and aob goats at the State Fair that were
LA Bred but not tagged. He wants to come up with ideas to reach those breeders and possibly get them
to join the association. It was mentioned that the pygmy goat breeders were usually unwilling to ear tag
their animals because the tags affect one aspect of the animals show correctness. It was also mentioned
that the breeding goat entry form for State Fair only had a box to check yes or no for LA Bred and not a
place for the LA Bred tag number like the commercial and market animals.

Morris Helmer also spoke of the LA Bred champions at State Fair. He mentioned that the LA Bred
champions actually sold for less money than a lot of the class winners. He discussed the LMGA possibly
adding money to the champions at the sale. It was also mentioned to discuss these ideas about State
Fair in the January species committee meeting with Mohamed at State Fair.

Next item on the agenda was the fall elections. Andre Delcambre, Rickey Hendrix, Donna Heinrich and
Cliff Hebert were up for re-election. No motions were made for nominations from the floor. Scott
Heinrich motioned to accept the nominating committee report and all four members will remain in their
positions. Donna Heinrich seconded the motion. All members were in favor.

Chris Tauzin made a motion to adjourn at 7:20. Cliff Hebert seconded the motion. All were in favor.